“You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Nel Peralta, Energy Management Expert and President of the Philippine Institute of Energy Management Professionals, Inc. (PIEMP) emphasized this during the recently concluded Competency Course for Energy Managers: Implementing an Energy Management System in Your Company.

On eight (8) half days from April 19 to 28, Meralco Power Academy (MPA) provided an in depth online course to thirty-four (34) Energy Managers from various industries. The training course was facilitated by five (5) Energy Experts: Robert “Bob” Jarquio, Rommel Benig, Eugene Araullo, Nel Peralta and Sheena Bata, who all shared their expertise and practical experience on implementing energy management systems.

Meralco Power Academy (MPA), as a committed advocate to finding sustainable solutions and correct practices on Energy Management, imparted expert knowledge in adherence to ISO50001. “We need to be multidisciplinary, systematic and strategic when it comes to implementing energy management. This course provided the participants in-depth know how and a holistic program mindset that includes various stakeholders within their respective organizations.”, stated Energy Management Expert Eugene Araullo.

Online course participants were happy to have been part of it as they enrolled not just for additional knowledge, but to gain opportunities to further their careers and professional growth as Energy Managers.

“All the information provided by the Energy Management Experts are valuable in assisting us with compliance to RA 11285, and more importantly, our energy saving efforts.”

“This online course gave me more knowledge and focused learnings compared to a seminar I attended in 2012. I thought this would just be another one of those “so-so” trainings. The course content and the expertise of the facilitators definitely exceeded my expectations.”

Participants particularly appreciated the training workshops and breakout sessions, which allowed them to discuss practical applications of the theoretical concepts. This includes correctly creating Energy Management Teams, Data Analysis (Regression, Annualization), Energy Audits and Energy Management System computations, with sample workbooks.

The course follows the discipline and methodology of ISO 50001, ISO 50002 and its related standards. Eugene Araullo summarizes the course with “there are so many things to unlearn, relearn and discover. This course harnesses opportunities in the energy management space from behavioral, organizational mindset and support, process, systems, technology and practices.”

Meralco Power Academy continues to offer Competency Course for Energy Managers: Implementing an Energy Management System in Your Company:

  • June 21 – 30, 2021
  • August 9 – 18, 2021
  • October 18 – 27, 2021

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