FRONERI PHILIPPINES, INC., Large Industrial Company Awardee

Froneri has a “What if” philosophy:  in their own words, ”what if smile is a flavor, what color would it be, what would it taste like?”; “what if we could capture the essence of Friday night in a bowl of ice cream?”.  Deliciously dreamy.  But the belief behind their What If philosophy is nothing but dreamy, rather, what gives it strength is the unfailing confidence that the “world is full of possibilities, full of inspirations, full of ideas.”  What can be sensed here is a drive to pursue perfection, hence, the combined expertise in one company of two celebrated brands, R&R Ice Cream and Nestle.

The company’s passion for excellence for their products spills over their safety and health practices.  They have a set of safety programs that have been proven to be relevant, effective and sustainable thru regular monitoring and review.  Implementation of safety practices is top priority especially where machines and equipment are concerned.  Furthermore, it is a must that electrical facilities are spotless and the strictly implemented electrical safety procedures adhere to electrical safety standards.

Beyond the delectable ice cream, it is the commitment to perfection that gives credence to Froneri Philippines, Inc. as an awardee of the 2019 K-Ligtas Awards.

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