IBIDEN PHILIPPINES, INC., Large Industrial Company Awardee

IBIDEN is firm on their belief that their employees are the driving force that allows them to run their business and provide the public with their services.  They say that when workers are happy and satisfied, they produce better products.  The IBIDEN Way, the company philosophy, pronounces that they “contribute to the progression of society through innovative technology, with respect for both individuals and the global environment”.

This philosophy translates into company practices that are always on the lookout for the well-being of their employees, other stakeholders and the environment.  They have a well-established health and safety team, stringent electrical safety practices that include a program for Work Environment Measurement, electrical facilities that are not only spotless but are assured to be strictly compliant with the provisions in the Philippine Electrical Code, electrical safety procedures that are faithfully implemented and monitored, programs for energy conservation and use of renewable energy.  

In addition, they have instituted a risk management regulation in order to create a risk management structure and its management processes.  Their Business Continuity Program (BCP) covers areas in natural disaster preparedness, infectious diseases, information security measures and a lot more.

In support of their comprehensive health and safety programs, IBIDEN Management Systems (IMS) was created.  This company-wide IMS is a merged management system that include environmental, safety and health, and quality management systems.  

It takes dedication and hard work to do all the things that IBIDEN is doing not only for their company and employees but for their stakeholders and the environment, too.  It takes an industrious and hardworking company like IBIDEN to be an awardee at the 2019 K-Ligtas Awards.

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