IMUS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, Special Citation Category

Imus National High School has a high commitment to safety and sustainability making these two principles integral part of the school’s culture.  Students are continuously trained and taught about safety and sustainability thru school projects, contests and campaigns on general safety as well as electrical safety.

Due to this dedication to safety, Imus NHS joined the 2017 K-Ligtas Awards.  The K-Ligtas Committee assessment revealed flaws in the school’s electrical installations and electrical safety practices.  The main problem was a sub-standard transformer that had the potential of endangering the school community.

The school principal, Mr. Arturo P. Romaroso, took the KLA Committee’s assessment and recommendations to heart.  He embarked on the arduous journey of convincing higher officials and partnering with stakeholders in the community including the LGU to raise funds for the upgrade of their transformer and the complete rehabilitation of their electrical facilities.  The school’s teaching and non-teaching staff rallied with their principal and undertook their own fund raising activities.

This intense pursuit produced positive results.  After a year, the substandard transformer has been upgraded to three-phase, the whole school’s electrical wirings have been completely rehabilitated in compliance with electrical standards, a more solid set of safety programs has been established, properly documented with provisions for regular monitoring, review and update.

Strong leadership, positive relationship with stakeholders, commitment to safety and sustainability.  These made Imus National High School win in the 2019 K-Ligtas Awards, Special Citation Category.

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