Last April 27 – 30, Meralco Power Academy conducted an online training course on Power System Modeling & Fault Analysis. The 4-day (16-hour) course is a must-take for Design and Protection Engineers to help ensure reliable and stable power systems, especially in today’s full dependency on distributed generation. For engineers who have yet to take their Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) licensure exam, the course is essential for a clearer understanding of the principles of power systems and theoretical concepts.

Fourteen (14) participants learned about power system modeling and how sequence networks are interconnected for the different type of faults. This included short circuit calculations, per unit calculations, symmetrical components and short circuit / fault analysis.

“While waiting for my schedule to take the licensure board exam, I want to prepare and learn as much as I can. I enrolled in the MPA course to learn from industry experts about Power Systems, knowing that short circuit calculation is a basic requirement and foundation to being a successful power system engineer.”


“I’m glad I took the online course, I learned a lot about transformer connection and configuration, fault analysis and transmission lines analysis.”


“The course is a good blend of science and mathematics of engineering. The concepts or the science behind power system modeling was well explained, and we were guided how to make computations and analysis to fully understand the applications.”

Participants gave the facilitator, industry expert Fortunato “Atoy” Leynes, full star ratings with his capable and hands-on style of teaching. Mr. Leynes is a Professional Electrical Engineer, ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer, APEC Engineer and a graduate of Power System Engineering Course of General Electric in New York and MERALCO. His experience as Senior VP and COO of Clark Electric Distribution Corporation, Managing Director and CEO of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (Nigeria), and Vice President of MERALCO all add to his technical and management expertise of power systems. He also served as a Chairman of the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) – Electrical Engineering Board.

“Sir Atoy is evidently well experienced and dedicated to the profession. I appreciate his eagerness to help and teach less experienced comrades in the electrical field.”

Meralco Power Academy continues to offer Power System Modeling & Fault Analysis: July 27 to 30, 2021

For Meralco Power Academy’s 2021 Training Calendar, view here.
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