THE MILANO RESIDENCES, Large Commercial Business

The Milano Residences, a prime condominium property, stands tall at the edge of Makati City, almost beside the glistening Pasig River, overlooking the metropolis.  It prides itself in having first class architecture and luxurious interiors as designed by world-renowned designers, Versace Homes.  It was built to exceed current living standards backed by a strong commitment to serve its community with utmost comfort, security and safety.

The Milano Residences’ adherence to strict general safety, health and electrical safety practices is commendable.  They have established these safety practices by having programs on the different aspects of safety partnered with energy efficiency and conservation that are ingrained in their daily operations.  These programs are regularly monitored for efficiency in implementation and effectivity.  To further strengthen these, preventive maintenance procedures were put in place.

Programs and policies could easily get lost in a large operation such that The Milano Residences has.  To ensure the effective implementation and continuity of their programs, they have put together a comprehensive safety handbook that all concerned personnel could easily refer to.

Dedication to safety, security and well-being of its community gave The Milano Residences a spot in the roster of distinguished awardees in the 2019 K-Ligtas Awards.

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